We set up our facility to make your time with us worry-free. The “treatment trail” that runs through our clinic ensures you’ll get to each member of your care team with ease.
Hit baseballs, swing a golf club or kick soccer balls. Our activity net will get you back to peak performance in a controlled, safe environment.
Lower body specific equipment is grouped together to maximize your time during therapy.
Our open facility design allows your entire care team to discuss treatments, rehab and progress at a moment's notice.
Our treatment rooms are housed along the outside wall of the clinic so you can easily go from an office visit to a therapy appointment.
A variety of braces and other support devices are located in the clinic, which means a specialist can properly fit you and get you on your way to recovery.
Electronic Medical Records allow your care team to easily access your records and track your progress.
Upper body specific equipment is grouped together to maximize your time during therapy.
We make the most of your time with our unique number system that allows providers to communicate with staff to have items specific to your recovery delivered right to your room.
Our multi-purpose indoor track provides a real-life environment for therapy exercises or analyzing your running pattern.
Our therapists work with you and your lifestyle to get you back to day-to-day activities.
Workstations throughout the clinic ensure your care plan is documented in real time, ensuring your health information is accurate for you and your doctor.
Treatment rooms are located in a more private area of the facility for speech therapy appointments and patients who require a quiet environment for care.
With exam rooms adjacent to physical therapy and rehabilitation equipment, we make the most efficient use of your time.
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Nick's Road to Knee Recovery

As a former college football player, Nick was familiar with the physical demands playing sports could put on his body. So when his knee gave out during a basketball game, he didn't hesitate to seek treatment with us. After surgery to repair his ACL, Nick made a remarkable recovery. In fact, he's so excited about his progress, he's thinking about dedicating his basketball comeback to his team at Orthopedics Plus.

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Mark's Journey Back

Meet Mark. He's just one of the ThedaCare Orthopedics Plus success stories. When Mark finally got to the point where he couldn't raise his arms up to drive, he knew it was time to take serious action. It didn't take long for his physician to refer him to our doctors. Once here, Mark received the necessary treatment not only get him driving, but fishing, lifting, throwing, waving and even shaking the hands of his friends at Orthopedics Plus.


The ThedaCare Orthopedic Plus care model offers you the complete package. From everyday sprains and strains to sports-related injuries to comprehensive neurological rehabilitation, we have the capability, the resources and the staff to provide you with the best care possible. Care that’s centered around your unique situation and needs. Through a complete evaluation of your specific injury, we all, including you, work as a team to get you back to where you want to be. Our care model ensures you receive the right care from the right provider at a time that’s convenient for you. Even our facility is designed to take you from a doctor visit to a physical rehabilitation workout with just a few steps. This easy-access model means your doctors, surgeons and therapists have more opportunity to discuss your treatment and recovery with each other. We feel you benefit the most when our lines of communication are open. So, that’s exactly how we’ve designed our model of care.

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