Explore a Hospital Room

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Other equipment that you may encounter during and after your hospital stay includes:


For knee replacement patients, a foam boot (sometimes called a “cheese boot”) can encourage straightening the leg. Full straightening is important for the best outcome of a knee replacement.
An ice pack will be used as cold compress on your leg to help control swelling.
Sequential compression device squeezes your calf or foot intermittently to promote blood flow. You will use these throughout your hospitalization whenever lying in bed.
Support stockings (also called TED hose) help prevent blood clots and are typically worn at all times except while bathing until you go home. At home, you will wear them during the day usually for 2-4 weeks after surgery.
For hip replacement patients, the abductor pillow or bed pillows may be used to help maintain proper positioning of the hip and legs while in bed. You will need to use pillows to maintain good positioning throughout your hospital stay and when you go home.
You may have a drain tube near your surgical site connected to a container when you get out of surgery. This drain can help get rid of extra fluid build-up to reduce pain and discomfort. It will be removed according to your surgeon’s orders, usually a day or two after your surgery.
The catheter may be placed during your surgery. It will be removed according to your surgeon’s orders, usually the day after surgery. Following removal of catheter, nursing staff tracks urinary output closely.